Motorola DP3600 Digital Radio

Motorola DP3600 Digital Radio

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Brand:  Motorola
Weight:  370g
Dimensions (WxHxD):  63.5 x 131.5 x 32.5mm
Included in box:  DP3600, battery, belt clip, antenna & user guide
Condition:  New

Motorola DP3600 Digital Two Way Radio

Radio now cancelled Autumn 2014- Please contact us for remaining stock availability. (Accessories and spares are all available)

The DP3600 digital two way radio is a powerful 160 channel professional portable. Use it in back-to-back mode or with a DR300 repeater for extended coverage and obtain twice the capacity of your existing radio channel. Use it in digital or analogue mode for easy integration with legacy equipment.  The DP3600 gives you phone- type facilities as standard;

Dial other users for private one-to-one calls with being overheard.

Dial selected groups without broadcasting to your whole fleet

Send a call-me-back request to another user

Send pre-formatted texts

Emergency over-ride for management with the call-all feature

  •  Amazing, clear, digital speech quality
  • Flexible interface with icons or two lines of text
  •  3 colour LED indicator shows calling, scan & monitor status
  • Suitable for manager/supervisor use - give staff the non-keypad DP3400
  •  Rugged, submersible IP57 build * Extended battery life over analogue portables
  •  Emergency button to alert base or supervisor
  • Pre-programmed text feature * Large textured buttons for easy use in gloved hands
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