Motorola DP3400 / DP3600 Single Charger

Motorola DP3400 / DP3600 Single Charger

Choose this for your DP3400 and DP3600 digital portables, or choose the six-way charger

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Brand:  Motorola
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Motorola DP3400 / DP3600 single charger WPLN4233

For use with DP 3400 / DP3401 and DP3600 / DP3601

Motorola's IMPRES Smart Energy System (Impres is not supplied with standard package) extends your radio battery life, leadingto a reduction in extra battery costs. IMPRES batteries are different to conventional batteries. There is no need to condition them or worry about memory effect, etc. The embedded smart Impres technology is read by the Impres charger which replaces only the amount of charge that has been used. This lets IMPRES batteries be left in a charger and maintained in a fully charged state for extended periods without damage. For large fleets with user-critical applications, this removes tiresome battery tracking and numbering time.

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