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Hytera PD355 Digital Radio

Hytera PD355 Digital Radio£173.00   £159.00

Hytera PD365 digital radio

Hytera PD365 digital radio£180.00   £169.00

Hytera PD405 digital radio

Hytera PD405 digital radio£185.00   £177.00

Hytera PD605 Digital Radio

Hytera PD605 Digital Radio£314.00   £300.00

Hytera PD665 Digital Radio

Hytera PD665 Digital Radio£357.00   £335.00

Hytera PD685 Digital Radio

Hytera PD685 Digital Radio£387.00   £355.00

Icom F4029SDR Digital Portable

Icom F4029SDR Digital Portable£198.00   £179.00

Motorola DP2400e digital radio

Motorola DP2400e digital radio£396.00   £294.00

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Motorola Mototrbo

What can Motorola digital two way radio do for your business?

Motorola Mototrbo digital has crucial enhanced features over analogue radio. 

  • Uses TDMA technology to provide twice the calling capacity of analogue radios on your existing channel when used with a MOTOTRBO repeater. You effectively have two channels for the price of one licence & one repeater.
  • Easy, private one-to-one private calling between radios with the DP3600 keypad version
  • Total security. Freedom from scanners and eavesdroppers
  • Clear, crackle-free calls right to the edge of coverage 
  • Enhanced battery life. TDMA radios can give up to 40% longer between charges than typical analogue portables
  • Easy migration between analogue and digital. You can still use your old radios with these and change over at your own pace (digital features are not available when operating in analogue mode).
  • Build quality. The DP3400 & DP3600 portables meet IP57 submersibility standard & US military 810 C, D & E durability standard
  • Built-in GPS available on specific DP3401 & DP3601 portables
  • Cost-effective. Buy digital at the same price you probably paid for your existing radios. At just over £300 for the standard DP3400 portable, with a working life of many years in front of it, MOTOTRBO makes financial sense