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box solo

Battery powered portable tracking. We have the power!

Long-life battery powered tracking is now affordable and necessary to keep tabs on your assets.

You can see what's happening 24/7 to anything you choose to track with the BOX solo battery powered tracker.

Box solo

  • No wiring and easy installation with up to three years battery tracking!
  • Can be fitted in seconds. The tough IP67 rated case keeps it dry and secure
  • Can also easily be hard wired
  • Peace of mind and security on your assets and vehicles - all day and all year long
  • Use BOX solo for vehicles, packages - or whatever you need to monitor
  • Detailed mapping with street level accuracy
  • Vehicle or battery powered options
  • Easy to use tracking software accessible from any internet PC
  • Built-in GPS and GSM aerials with option for external antenna
  • Covert installation - just 118mm wide x 134mm deep x 35mm high
  • IP67 build means BOX solo can be mounted externally if required
  • Track trailers, caravans, boats, motorcycles and plant.
  • Useful for companies hiring valuable plant items or car hire fleets
Trailerview demo view a demo
Use Box solo in covert mode for short-term tracking or surveillance and it will report a journey start when the motion sensor activates. Positions are logged every minute and transmitted every five minutes. Immediate polling is available. Use the alternative mode for longer term applications. Box solo reports location every 24 hours - or if impact or movement is detected. Modes can be remotely switched

Box solo costs just £299. Monthly service £10. Lease it for £10.26 monthly (36 month lease, min value £1000) + vat.

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