Burnside Desktop Mobile Phone

Burnside Desktop Mobile Phone

Probably the most useful mobile phone in our entire range. Ideal for control rooms for courier, transport or service operations.  Runs from the mains with a battery backup.  Simply insert your sim and go.  It's just like using a standard desk phone. No hot ears, no flat battery, nobody walking away with it and no worries about radiation.  The Burnside P230 (now upgraded to the P355) desktop mobile phone combines the simplicity of a desktop phone with the flexibility of a mobile phone.  Using exactly the same SIM as you use in a mobile phone, it enables you to make and receive phone calls using the GSM network instead of  a landline.

  • Easier to use than a mobile phone

  • Automatic handsfree anwering

  • Works anywhere

  • Quicker and cheaper to install and use than a landline phone

  • Never goes flat

  • Works better in poor signal areas

  • Safer to use than a handheld?

  • Send and receive text messages

  • Ideal for the elderly, infirm or disabled

  • Hotline call for help feature

  • Designed and made in the UK





Use the Burnside P235  for your business with one of our shareplan tariffs. These have free calls to your staff mobiles and free UK landline calls.  Put a SIM into the P235 and use it as your 'base'  phone - with probably no call charges!  Call us on 08456 120007 for details.
£185.00   £222.00 Inc. VAT    

Condition:  New


Special order, 4-6 weeks  

Special order, 4-6 weeks

Automatic handsfree function for easy use without lifting the handset.  The P235 can automatically switch on handsfree when it receives calls from numbers already programmed into its memory keys. This feature enables the caller to talk to anyone within earshot without the called person having to touch the phone making it ideal for those who are either unable or choose not to come to the phone

Easier to see the screen. The characters are larger and easier to read on a largebacklit screen. A permanent, shareable and reliable resource.It normally stays in the same place on the same desktop. So unlike a 'personal' mobile phone it can always be found. It's much less vulnerable to being damaged or stolen

Never goes flat. Using the supplied AC mains adapter the P235 will run for ever without  failing. However if the power supply does fail it will continue working on its internal backup batteries for at least 48 hours in standby mode.

Works better in poor signal areas. The aerial is much more efficient than a mobile phone aerial, so it ’s able to work in locations where handhelds refuse to work.

Safer to use? The most recent study suggests that prolonged use of a mobile phone may increase the risk of brain tumours. By locating the aerial away from your head any risk is considerably reduced.

How does it compare to a landline phone? The Burnside P235 will work anywhere within mobile network coverage. Ideal for use in locations where landlines are expensive,uneconomic or can never be provided.

Quicker and cheaper to install.No endless waiting and expense to install a landline. Anyone can get it working in minutes. Ideal for use in temporary locations like rented offices, exhibitions or in any location within mobile network coverage.

Which tariff and network does it work on? The P235 works on any tariff on any of the four UK GSM networks including Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange. Quad band EGSM900 and GSM1800. It does not work on 3G networks(3).

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