Motorola Mototrbo DR3000 Repeater

Motorola Mototrbo DR3000 Repeater

Motorola TDMA - how it works

TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology splits a radio channel into two alternating time slots. Time slot A transmits for a few milliseconds, then time slot B, then time slot A - and so on. Each time slot is a virtual radio channel. The transmitter converts 60 milliseconds of speech to a 'packet' of data that fits into a 30 millisecond time slot. The receiver unpacks the data and recreates the original speech message segment. Therefore, one voice call occupies only one of the two available time slots. The process is unnoticed by system users.

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Motorola Mototrbo DR3000 Repeater

Use this to extend coverage of your Mototrbo DP3400 digital portables and DM3400 mobiles. Improved in-building coverage for large or complex sites, shopping centres, etc. Extra distance for your vehicle fleet for wide area use.

  • 100% continuous full duty cycle at 25-40W means constant, reliable service for your business 
  • Supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital TDMA mode. 
  • Integrated power supply. Sturdy handles make installation and handling easier 
  • Operates in analogue or digital mode, bright, clear, colored LEDs indicate mode.
  • LEDs clearly indicate transmit and receive modes in both channel slots. 
  • Get twice the calling capacity of an analogue repeater with Mototrbo digital TDMA technology and save  on extra repeaters and licence costs 

 Why use digital TDMA? An analogue repeater will normally only carry one channel at a time, keeping out waiting callers whilst the channel is busy. This used to mean fitting a second repeater and aerial on a separate channel for other users, doubling your infrastructure and licencing costs. One DR3000 repeater can create two digital channels from your existing analogue channel.

Digital TDMA technology gives you more flexible call options, greater security, (preventing anyone with a scanner listening in) and the clearest speech calls we've ever heard on a portable radio.

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