ACS ER20 Hearing Protection

ACS ER20 Hearing Protection

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Listening to any sound at high volume can damage your hearing permanently, but wearing normal earplugs kills the music and muffles the real sound

Why ER20?

  • ER20 are different to conventional earplugs.
  • They're flat attenuators - which simply means that you still hear the whole sound spectrum from bass to treble clearly, only at a reduced and safer level.
  • Their revolutionary filter system drops the volume evenly by around 20db at all frequencies, preserving sound quality. That’s why they’re labelled ‘High Fidelity Hearing Protection’

Use them again & again
ACS ER20 (also known as Etymotic ER20 & ElacinER20/S) are comfortable, re-usable, wipeable - and will protect your hearing without spoiling your enjoyment of music. Just keep them in your pocket. It's vital to reduce the risk of later hearing damage suffered by so many musicians and artists.

Who can benefit from hearing protection?
Aircraft crew / construction workers, industrial use,  concert & festival goers / motorsport drivers & spectators, motorcyclists, musicians of all types, night club staff & DJs.

Each ER20 pack comes with a handy soft case, neck cord and instructions.

*What is the difference between Elacin ER20, Elacin ER20S, Etymotic ER20 - and who are ACS? 
All of the above relate to just one earplug-the Etymotic ER20. This is manufactured by Etymotic Research, Illinois, USA.
Elacin are a Dutch company who first marketed these in Europe with product code ER20S.
Etymotic sell this directly in various markets as Etymotic ER20.
ACS (Advanced Communication Systems) are the UK distributor for Etymotic Research & now produce their own-branded ACS user guide for use with the ER20.This is causing confusion to some buyers as it does not name Etymotic or Elacin. ACS do not manufacture the item.
*All earplugs sold by Communicate Mobile Ltd with ER20 in the description are genuine original Etymotic product  


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