Elacin ER20 Hearing Protection

Elacin ER20 Hearing Protection

Wearing Elacin ER20 hearing protectors allows you to be exposed to noise levels for longer periods, reducing the chance of permanent hearing damage.

Their revolutionary filter system drops the volume evenly by around 16- 20db at all frequencies, preserving sound quality. Sound isn’t muffled, but heard at a safe volume. That’s why they’re labelled ‘High Fidelity Hearing Protection’.

Each ER20 pack comes with a handy soft case, neck cord, user guide and instructions.

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If workplace noise exceeds 85db, employers have to provide hearing protection. Out of work, it’s your responsibility to yourself.

Typical noise levels (decibels)

Conversation                   60
Noisy restaurant/factory 80-85
Live band                          97
Rock concert                    112

The ER20 were developed by Etymotic Research USA to allow musicians to protect their hearing without spoiling the fidelity of the music. It’s not just musicians who can benefit - they're are also useful for;
Aircraft crew / construction workers, industrial use, concert & festival goers / motorsport drivers & spectators, motorcyclists, musicians of all types, night club staff & DJs.

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