Motorola DP3400 MP3 Covert Earpiece with adaptor

Motorola DP3400 MP3 Covert Earpiece with adaptor

Excellent item for covert & surveillance use.
Looks as if the wearer is listening to an ipod-when they're actually hearing radio traffic through the white headphones.
A discreet  inline PTT button &mic is hidden under clothing for transmit purposes. 
46cm of white pod-style cable leads to a PTT button fitted with a strong, sprung clothing clip.
A further 60cm of strong black cable leads to the unique Hirose plug. Plenty of flexibilty for easy concealment.

Note: This item listing is to fit Motorola DP3400 & DP3600 and DP4000 series portables only. It is supplied with one Hirose adaptor. 
A separate listing for the earpiece only with Hirose plug is here.
The adaptor is available singly here.
We also supply this earpiece with suitable plugs for Airwave Sepura, Motorola MTH, Kenwood 2-pin plug, Icom 2-pin plug, Motorola 2-pin plug and an adaptor for Motorola GP340. Please choose the correct fitting, or call us on 08456 120007 with any queries.

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Brand:  Motorola


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 Motorola DP3400 MP3 Covert Earpiece with adaptorMotorola DP3400 MP3 Covert Earpiece with adaptor 

For Motorola Mototrbo digital DP3400 & DP3600 portables as well as DP4000 series, DP4400, DP4600, etc

This best selling surveillance item was previously unavailable for the DP3400 & DP3600. Now with the unique and rugged Hirose fitting, Mototrbo portable users can use it.

The Hirose adaptor is fitted to the radio and stays there. No need to continually unscrew & refit the adaptor each shift change. Simply unplug your earpiece and take it away.

Other users can plug their earpiece into the adaptor.  This means greater flexibility for radio fleet owners - we also have two-wire acoustic tube earpieces, D-shape earpieces and speaker microphones with the same fitment, enabling different user groups to have their own accessories.

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